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John Gordon - MagicWorks (c) August 2021

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Featuring the Zoom Torn and Restored Card!


Chris has published gems here and at such an affordable price. What he shares with you will blow you away.

Cameron Walsh


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Zoom Magic Square

The best way I have found to perform the magic square on Zoom, can be done in person with equal effect...


Rubber Banded

Any card is named. The deck is taken out of the box. The magician doesn't even look at the cards as he/she wraps a band around the cards. One card springs out onto the back of the hand...it is the chosen card...NO FORCE.


Zoom Torn and Restored Card

A card is marked virtually over the internet with a spectator's name etc. It is torn in 2 and restored visually...


Shaking the Aces 2.0

The deck is shuffled and shaken, producing an ace each time apart from the last occasion...



A deck of cards is shuffled and cut by the spectator into 4 piles. Any top card is selected. You have predicted their selection...


Shadow Change

An unbelievable visual change...by casting a shadow...


Dual Reality Multiple Selection

One of my favourite items in the collection. From a shuffled deck 3 people remember a card. You never have to look during the selection process. You can be blindfolded. You immediately correctly name all 3!

 Can be done with a borrowed deck.


Card To Envelope 2.0

A signed card is found in a previously examined, sealed envelope... looks fantastic...


Destinations Unlimited

An adaptation of a Jim Steinmeyer piece that makes the whole routine into a whirlwind miracle! 3 destinations randomly selected are placed back into a destination deck and it is placed straight into your pocket. You can instantly pull all 3 out. No tapered deck, and you genuinely don't know the location of their selections...


The World's Best Coin Switch?

I am so proud of this. Looks utterly invisible, leaving you with infinite possibilities...


More Card Stuff...


360 Spin Flip Change

Any Card Named

Elmsley Finesse

Thompson Fooler - my tribute to the maestro

Snap Elmsley



Instant Signed Transpo

Another of my favourites in the collection. 2 signed cards impossibly change places visually in under a second... looks crazy!


Multiple Top Change

A top change system that will revolutionise your effects...



A chosen signed card is found at a freely chosen number... ultra clean






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