"If you judge by real world results, then this has to be on your bookshelf"


" I was so proud when he subsequently became the first act ever to win the

Edfest Bouquet (EDINBURGH FESTIVAL) 3 times.

I am excited for what the future will bring for Chris, as his understanding of an audience’s needs in magical performance are now second to none." Phil Jay


Learn from the man who has achieved 14 royal performances, United Nations command performances, a standing ovation from his Pentagon audience, 3 Edfest Bouquet wins etc...

He doesn't have all the answers, but he does have some!


From the desk of Chris Dugdale

Annapolis, Maryland



Written by a man who has truly achieved the most incredible things in the magic business. Those who know, know...


Over 25 routines disclosed to only a small amount of people.

6 Killer essays to help you fast track success

25 ways to increase your income performing magic now...

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Dear Fellow Performers,


I am delighted that XYA is now in stock!.. 250 copies limited edition - each one is being dedicated and numbered individually.


Over the past 2 decades I have had the great fortune of performing at many of the top gigs in the world. Now, I am releasing the effects that can truly help propel yourself to the next level in our business...this is not your normal kind of magic book. It was never intended to be. This is something quite different...

You will receive the book, secure access to a VIP "XYA portal" with footage and sleights to prevent people illegally sharing this information.

The book gives you most of the puzzle and the portal completes it...





The Gasp Card To Box!


The card to box that makes theatre crowds gasp! So much more than just a card to box. Impossible repeat, plus insane surprise at the end makes em go wild! Suitable for close up, parlour and stage. All the theatrical details, loads and subtleties are released for the first time.

The One Man Card in bottle


The card in bottle can link with the gasp card to box. A signed card, stapled twice, impossibly penetrates a sealed bottle of wine which is then given away as an impossible souvenir.

All the subtleties, all the convincers, finally explained! It penetrates into a previously shown empty sealed bottle. The audience member keeps the impossible gift, the signed card really is inside. This is one of the highlights of my Edinburgh show and KILLS a lay audience. This one trick has had me flown round the world in business class to foreign Royal audiences 4 times...


The Real Invisible Deck


Any card is named by a spectator.  The performer then fairly spreads the deck and it is the only card face down. To top it off, it is in the correct numerical and suit position in the deck!

The deck is 100% examinable and can be handed out to further stress the lack of gimmicks.

The spectator can even spread the cards himself.

Killer! This is a real lay person and magician fooler! 


Flying Card At Any Number

As seen at the Magic Castle Hollywood.


A spectator names any card and another participant is asked to name a number. The chosen card is sprung into the deck at precisely the incorrect number! The performer has missed by 4 cards for example. The box on the table is opened and the prediction reads, I will miss by 4!

The idea of an out becoming the segue and gateway to the main event gives the opportunity for baffling entertainment to ensue. This was the stand out effect at The Magic Castle when I was last there - a real killer and genuine fooler...



“The reviews are in...  and the critics are unanimous in hyperbolic praise...  Chris Dugdale, the general of magicians, was a smash hit... Sensational... creates a magical, mystical, mind-bending mirage...  the showmanship of PT Barnum combined with the magical skill of David Copperfield and the wit of Jerry Seinfeld...  unique talent demands unique description...  he is an illusionary extraordinaire!”


Lt Gen Christopher Burne, U.S. Air Force - The Pentagon


Dual Reality Coins Across


Inspired by both Larry Jenning’s Peripatetic Coins and the genius who was the late and great Roy Johnson. One of the most visual and beautiful coins across you will ever see! Hugely tactile and very visual. The last coin appears to melt through the flesh of the spectator and he signals the precise moment it happens...thank you to the late Roy Johnson for his inspiration and genius here.


Lara -The Ultimate No Blink Triumph


A personal story adds credence to the incredible effect. A spectator names any card and a deck of cards is shown to be genuinely half face up, half face down and all mixed up… Under laboratory conditions and literally without blinking, all the cards turn the right way round. Then one card turns face down… the thought of card. The transformation looks like real magic... no funny or suspicious moves...

This one will get you booked time and time again. I will show you how to use this one routine to get booked for other events on the spot...




A freely thought of card is incorrectly predicted creating a left-field moment. Whilst the spectator holds the card at finger tips it transforms into the correct card. No double lift, no top change! A killer! Can be done close up or on stage. The switch is totally invisible and totally automatic and requires ZERO skill. You could do this tomorrow and fool EVERYONE!




This fantastic opener starts with an audience member shouting out a number between 1-100. A wallet that has been in full view is then opened revealing a ticket case. The number in the ticket case is off by 3.  Then a huge envelope that was given away at the very start of the routine is opened to show that the performer had somehow predicted this ahead of time. A super clean, slick and fair looking impossible prediction.

From a technical perspective the performer is completely clean when removing the prediction from the ticket case. 


You’re Unbelievable!


The trick that fooled the late and great Roy Johnson!

Spectator cuts a shuffled deck into 4 piles and the magician has correctly predicted all four random cards after it looks like he has failed BADLY!  The emotional and theatrical engagement generated by the "apparent fail" makes the routine very powerful.




A deck of word cards, all relating to holidays and trips is shuffled and randomly cut into 4 piles. The top card of each pile is turned over to create a truly bizarre story. For example [Petting tigers] [in Paris] [in the moonlight] [eating cashew nuts]

The prediction envelope is opened to show the bizarre scene has been predicted down to the very last detail...


Total Chaos


One of my favourites in the collection. This will fool you as you do it! This hard hitting effect is a perfect opener! Cards are mixed, shuffled and cut in an unbelievably fair way, your spectators see the absolute mess. In less than a second all are in perfect deck order. It visually looks like the cards morph into full deck order...quite a visual treat! This intriguing effect is a personal favourite and I have never shared this before now...



"The Best I've Seen, Brilliant" Sir Richard Branson


"What a pleasure to have met you and be amazed by your magic" Jimmy Page - Led Zeppelin


The World’s Most Impossible Card Trick!


A card is selected and returned to the deck. The deck is thoroughly shuffled. The volunteer names a number between 10 and 40. A card jumps from the deck and lands back in the middle of the deck. The cards are counted down and the card has landed at the freely chosen number. The card is turned over to reveal it is the signed devil itself. This fun and mind-blowing routine fools all who witness its delights.


All In


One of my favourites in the book. A deck of cards is shuffled and cut by both the spectator and performer. The performer then produces the 4 aces and subsequently cuts piles of cards face up onto the aces producing 4 “blackjacks” - then the cards are spread face up to reveal all the suits in numerical order apart from 1 card...


As seen numerous times on the Las Vegas strip in the Tommy Wind Theatre, this brought the house down every night. 


Coin in Socks!


Based on an idea in Bobo, I have refined and added to the original routine to create a truly shocking piece of close up magic encompassing strong visual imagery. A signed coin vanishes under impossible conditions and then appears in a child's sock. The offer of a repeat is taken by the audience and the magi fails, only to pull up his own trouser leg to show the coin is now genuinely in his very own sock! LOOKS ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE, VERY CLEAN.




A chosen card is incorrect. It visually morphs into the chosen card without any cover at all and you are left completely clean...




Pure eye candy! A quarter morphs visually into a dollar coin and then shrinks back to size. Very visual! One of the world's most visual, eye-popping changes.


Visuocoin change


A coin is shown and dropped from hand to hand. All of a sudden it "explodes into a bunch of coins" which total the original value. They then visually transform back to the original coin.




Using the same technique as visuocoin, a single coin is shown very fairly and the metal looks as if it is quickly peeled off to produce another coin! This looks absolutely insane!




Previously published in BEST OF BRITISH this is the visual stunner that will make your eyes water!  A completely shuffled and randomly cut deck totally visually reorders itself with the exception of one card, the freely chosen one. Suitable for strolling and instant reset.


Hyper ring 


Your own finger ring moves eerily along the finger and then defies gravity to float from the little finger to the forth finger. Looks insane and can immediately be handed out for examination. Always gets incredible reactions.




First published in Abra many years ago, a colour changing deck meets Chicago opener style routine.  A well balanced routine that is both surprising and visual...


Coins Through Hand


A beautiful sequence of coins melting through the hand.

One by one they melt through the skin until the last one!


Zebra Crossing  


A shuffled deck of cards instantly separates into all the red cards and all the black cards apart from the chosen card. It is the one card that is in the other pile.

Then the cards are reshuffled, and with a snap of the fingers the deck once again splits perfectly into all the red cards and all the black cards with the exception of the chosen card.

Then for the last phase the cards are riffled shuffled very slowly and fairly and even when the participant pushes the cards together every card separates according to colour except for one!


Add a number cards


 An add a number pad idea utilising a deck of cards. This versatile premise is very deceptive indeed and is something you will use tomorrow!


Think of a card 


A killer mentalism card routine, inspired by Joe Riding, all my thoughts are revealed on this classic plot. You genuinely appear to be able to name the card that someone is merely thinking of from a shuffled deck. A KILLER EFFECT DIRECT FROM MY LIVE SHOWS.



The Next Generation Booktest 


A totally impromptu book test with a borrowed book and an item that many of you have in your hands right now...very fair and very deceptive. A total fooler!




A beautiful piece for TV or YouTube - a ring is placed into the left hand, which then vanishes only to reappear on the left little finger. It is then rubbed by the right forefinger and visually melts away. After its disappearance the right hand cranks the thumb of the left hand to reveal it now back on the left little finger. Finally it is taken in the left hand and jumps onto the right little finger.


The Triple Miniature Bottle Production 


My opener at the magic castle explained for the very first time.  3 miniature bottles appear from absolutely nowhere! This stunning routine is fully explained  in detail for the first time.




An interesting, dynamic twist on the card to envelope...

A sealed envelope is placed on the table.

A thought of card is correctly divined by the performer. The deck is placed at finger tips into the spectator's hands. The spectator now looks for the card to find it has now disappeared completely only to reappear in the sealed envelope.Spectator handles both the deck and the envelope...




The routine was the closer to the set that got Richard Branson jumping up and down and exclaiming that this was the best close up magic he had ever seen. NEVER EVER RELEASED OR TALKED ABOUT BEFORE. ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL PIECES OF CLOSE UP MAGIC EVER RELEASED FOR LAY PEOPLE. 


IMPORTANT Please note for the sake of transparency and honesty this does require a prop that is hard to come by nowadays. I am currently working on finding a new supplier. If you have one of the gizmos already you are golden, but if not, I am still including this routine for the sake of completion and in the hope that a new supply can be found.


BONUS subject to availability!*

The Fringe Guide Book Test - As seen on TV. A killer from Chris's live act.


A book test using the Edinburgh Fringe Guide - with over 3500 shows in its pages, you are able to tell the spectator the show they are thinking of:

  • Completely examinable
  • May be given away at the end
  • Appears to be a genuine guide
  • The only book test in the world that can get better and more amazing every single year with free supplies! 
  • 2018 complimentary copy of the guide is provided...
  • An update on the Fringe Book test will be sent to you electronically for next year's edition, so that the routine will dramatically increase in power, enabling you to expand the effect and have it grow organically over the next 5 years. You could create a whole professional 10 minute routine out of this one effect. In addition you will receive an electronic file next year with the solution for the 2019 edition..

* We may be able to supply more but  have more availability now due to a larger shipment of Fringe Guides having been delivered.

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  • 6 Essays to stimulate your thinking and creativity and take your art to the next level.

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  • Includes the chapter -  25 Way$ To Increase Your Income Performing Magic.

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  • Worldwide TV and internet rights are reserved in perpetuity by the author. You must get permission from CHRIS DUGDALE INT ENTS if you wish to perform any of these routines on the internet or on television or any other medium of mass communication either known today or yet to be invented.

About the author:


"One of the top magicians working the circuit" BroadwayBaby


Multiple Edinburgh Festival Award Winner - The only act ever to win the Edfest Bouquet 3 times.


"Beyond a shadow of a doubt masterful magic" Metro


"Dugdale’s sleight of hand card tricks are – as always – top draw and he does some astonishing mind-reading material with the audience... he has a genuinely winning way with a crowd." The Stage


"There's no way a mere human can achieve what he does here" 

Bouquets and Brickbats 

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"Up Close! is fast-moving entertainment roughly split between sleight of hand and thought transference, and if the former is mind-boggling, the latter is beyond belief"

The Herald ★★★★ 


Chris Dugdale delivers extraordinary magic in extreme close up with verve and a technical mastery that is the product of a God-given gift...over and over you again you are left astonished" 

Broadway World






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